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CompTIA A+ Training Boot Camp

This entry-level boot camp provides the most comprehensive approach to earning your CompTIA A+ certification. A+ certification leads to IT career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, and higher salaries.

$2,495.00 (USD)




  1. Day 1
    1. Introduction to 220-1101 and 220-1102 Exams
    2. Mobile Devices
      1. Laptop hardware & components
      2. Display components of mobile device
      3. Accessories and ports of mobile devices
      4. Basic mobile-device network connectivity and application support
    3. Networking
      1. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User
      2. Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports and protocols
      3. Common networking hardware
      4. Protocols for wireless networking
      5. Services provided by networked hosts
      6. Basic wired/wireless small office/home office (SOHO) networks
      7. Common network configuration concepts
      8. Internet connection types, network types, and their features
      9. Networking tools
  2. Day 2
    1. Hardware
      1. Cable types and their connectors, features, and purposes.
      2. RAM
      3. Storage devices
      4. Motherboards, central processing units (CPUs), and add-on cards
      5. Power supply
      6. Multifunction devices/printers and settings
      7. Printer consumables
    2. Virtualization and Cloud Computing Cloud-computing concepts. (1101.4)
      1. Client-side virtualization.
  3. Day 3
    1. Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
      1. Best practice methodology to resolve problems
      2. Problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU, and power
      3. Problems with storage drives and RAID arrays
      4. Video, projector, and display issues
      5. Common issues with mobile devices
      6. Printer issues
      7. Problems with wired and wireless networks.
    2. Operating Systems
      1. Basic features of Microsoft Windows editions
      2. Microsoft command-line tools
      3. Features and tools of the Microsoft
      4. Windows 10 operating system (OS)
      5. Microsoft Windows 10 Control Panel utility
      6. Windows settings
      7. Microsoft Windows networking features on a client/desktop
      8. Application installation and configuration
      9. Common OS types and their purposes
      10. OS installations/upgrades in diverse OS environments
      11. Features & tools of the macOS/desktop OS
      12. Features & tools of the Linux client/desktop OS.
  4. Day 4
    1. Security
      1. Security measures and their purposes
      2. Wireless security protocols & authentication
      3. Detecting, removing, and preventing malware
      4. Social-engineering attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities
      5. Basic security settings in the Microsoft Windows OS
      6. Workstation best practices for security
      7. Securing mobile and embedded devices
      8. Common data destruction and disposal methods
      9. Security settings on small office/home office (SOHO) wireless and wired networks.
      10. Browsers and relevant security settings
    2. Software Troubleshooting
      1. Common Windows OS problems
      2. Common personal computer (PC) security issues
      3. Best practice procedures for malware removal
      4. Common mobile OS and application issues
      5. Common mobile OS and application security issues
  5. Day 5
    1. Operational Procedures
      1. Best practices associated with documentation and support systems information management
      2. Basic change-management best practices workstation backup and recovery methods
      3. Common safety procedures
      4. Environmental impacts and local environmental controls
      5. Prohibited content/activity and privacy, licensing, and policy concepts
      6. Proper communication techniques
      7. Basics of scripting
    2. Exam Prep
      1. Review 220-1101 Exam
      2. Review 220-1102 Exam





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