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AZ-900 & 104: Microsoft Azure Fundamental & Administrator (Vouchers Included)

You will learn foundational level knowledge on cloud concepts; core Microsoft Azure services; security, privacy, compliance, and trust; and Azure pricing and support. You will also learn to manage Azure subscriptions and resources, implement and manage storage, deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs), configure and manage virtual networks, and manage identities.

$3,995.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • Understand Azure workloads and subscriptions
  • Security and privacy in Azure
  • Implement access management with Azure users, groups, and role-based access control
  • Use Azure Monitor to configure Azure alerts and review the Azure Activity Log
  • Query and analyze Log Analytics data
  • Deploy resources with ARM templates and organize Azure resources
  • Store and access data using Azure Content Delivery Network, and the Import and Export service
  • Deploy custom server images and Linux virtual machines
  • Implement Azure DNS domains, zones, record types, and resolution methods
  • Implement site connectivity schemas including VNet-to-VNet connections and virtual network peering
  • Implement Azure Active Directory, Self-Service Password Reset, Azure AD Identity Protection, and integrated SaaS applications
  • Configure domains and tenants, users and groups, roles, and devices
  • Implement and manage Azure Active Directory integration options and Azure AD Application Proxy
  • Implement and configure Azure Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager, and Azure Application Gateway
  • Use Azure RBAC to grant a granular level of access based on an administrator's assigned tasks
  • Use Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to configure a strong authentication for users at sign-in

How you will benefit

  • You will be prepared for the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Exams
  • Learn key concepts, applications, and skills that can help broaden your career working with cloud-based solutions and services






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