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220-Hour Advanced TEFL Certification

Learn how to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) and earn your TEFL Certificate.

$1,295.00 (USD)




  1. TEFL
    1. Grammar and Language Awareness
      1. Introduction
      2. Nouns
      3. Verbs
      4. Verbs that are not Verbs
      5. Adjectives and adverbs
      6. Other parts of speech
      7. Present, past, and future tenses
      8. Conditionals
    2. TEFL Methodology
      1. Understanding student and teacher roles
      2. Teaching structures, strategies and methods
      3. Activities in the classroom
      4. Classroom management, correcting errors and giving feedback
      5. Teaching vocabulary and functions
      6. Teaching reading and listening
      7. Introduction to phonology
      8. Teaching young learners
      9. Teaching business English
      10. Teaching one-to-one
      11. A PPP Lesson
    3. Video Observation
      1. A PPP Lesson
      2. Functional language
      3. Foreign Language
      4. Skills
      5. Dealing with difficult students
    4. Telephone Teaching
      1. Introduction to telephone teaching
      2. Lesson types and needs analysis
      3. Structures and strategies
    5. Teaching Large Classes
      1. Introduction to teaching large classes
      2. Classroom organization
      3. Activities and discipline
  2. Advanced TEFL Courses
    1. Teaching Young Learners
      1. Introduction to teaching young learners
      2. Child development and teaching young learners
      3. Practical activities to use with young learners
      4. Using the internet with young learners
      5. Teaching very young learners
    2. Teaching Business English
      1. The theory of Business English
      2. Preparing Business English lessons
      3. Delivering Business English
      4. Business communication skills
    3. How to Teach English Online
      1. Introduction to the course
      2. Using technology to teach
      3. Lesson Planning
    4. Set up and Promote your Online Lessons
      1. Building your own website
      2. Marketing your online services





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